Cannabis & Meditation

Please be aware, you must be of a certain age to legally consume cannabis.

General guide: Canada 19+ | USA 21+ | Europe 18+

When the energy of a spirit-plant medicine is added to the practice of meditation, meditation becomes a much more involved experience, much more quickly.

Meditating on cannabis for instance, helps you develop a sensitivity to your shifting thought patterns, so that you can, with practice, learn to control and manage your mind,

The key benefit to meditating with cannabis is its ability to slow the racing mind.

Meditating with cannabis can help you…

  • …reduce fear, panic and anxiety when high.

  • …develop a healthy meditation practice.

  • …learn to listen to your mind and body more mindfully.

  • …effectively evaluate and reflect on your life’s experience and develop from it.

  • …manage addictive behavior and mental health.

  • …alleviate stress and pressure on the mind.

  • …sense transcendence.

Please keep in mind that it may take some practice to understand the right level of cannabis to consume, to benefit your meditation practice:

  • You want to get high enough to merely accelerate the tuning in process and not too high that you end up restricting it. The key is to learn how much you need consume, so that you can integrate ‘sober’.

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Here’s some additional information on cannabis and meditation:

How to Meditate High

10-Min. Guided Meditation

  1. Have a toke or two of your favorite strain.

  2. Listen to the following guided instruction:

”I've been meditating since I was a kid and since moving to Canada in my early twenties, I began incorporating cannabis into my practice…

420 Meditation.png

…Cannabis aids the tuning-in process of your meditation. Tuning-in is the process of turning awareness from a subjective mindset, attachment to your worldly experience, inward, to an objective mindset,detachment from your worldly experiences. Therefore cannabis acts as a guide of sorts, guiding or tuning your awareness into a meditative state.”

The 5-Step-Meditation Process

1. Breathe with Transcendence

  • The moment you get into meditation posture, breathe with the high.

  • Inhale through the nose as you feel the cannabis effects heightening…

  • …and exhale as you feel the effects Tapering.

2. Positioning

  • As your awareness turns inwards, you my feel new uncomfortable sensation in the body.

  • This is your opportunity to re adjust into a more comfortable position.

3. Locking

  • When comfortable, return focus back to breathe and subtly, do not strain, roll your eyes up toward the center of your eyebrows..

  • Let’s call this the ‘third-eye-focus’

4. Meditation

  • Enjoy your experience, whatever comes up, remember that you're in a safe space, trust that everything will be as it should be when you awaken.

  • Learn to observe thought rather than be consumed by it.

5. Integration

  • Feel free to integrate and awaken from your meditation when you feel like you're in a more controlled stated of mind.

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