Cannabis-Friendly Meditation

(19+ only)

When the energy of a spirit-plant medicine is added to the practice of meditation, it deepens your practice much more quickly.

Meditating with cannabis can make the subtle movements within your mind more sensitive, which then, with training and guidance, enables you to learn about your minds operation and so you can better manage your daily conscious experience.

Meditating with cannabis can help you…

  • …reduce fear, panic and anxiety when high.

  • …develop a healthy meditation practice.

  • …learn to listen to your mind and body more mindfully.

  • …effectively evaluate and reflect on your life’s experience and develop from it.

  • …manage addictive behavior and mental health.

  • …alleviate stress and pressure on the mind.

  • …sense transcendence.

Please keep in mind that it may take some practice to understand how much cannabis to consume, to benefit your meditation practice. You want to elevate the mind just enough to accelerate the tuning in process. If too high, you will end up restricting your meditation practice.

The key is to learn how much you need consume, so that you can integrate ‘sober’.

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Try it for yourself…

10-Min. Guided Cannabis-Friendly Meditation

  1. Have a toke or two of your favorite strain.

  2. Listen to the following guided instruction: