Welcome to 420 Meditation!

-Terry Sidhu, Founder, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

-Terry Sidhu, Founder, VanCity Life Coach Inc.

Wow, what an incredible start to this journey, I had only launched this project a month and a half ago and I didn’t expect it to grow so fast!

Infinite life was a meditation program I started for my clients as part of my life coaching practice. I’ve been meditating since I can remember, and although teaching meditation wasn’t necessarily in my life plan, I’m so glad that it’s become a significant component of it. The more people I teach, the more I realize how much this service is needed. 

I started introducing meditation and sharing meditation techniques to my clients two years ago, because I found many of the people I work with here in BC, in places such as, Vancouver, Kelowna and Victoria, as well as my clients across the border in Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle for example, were presenting a lot of the same problems in their daily lives.

Lack of sleep, high stress, insecurity, depression and anxiety, to name a few, we’re always issues a lot of people seemed to struggle with. It’s not easy dealing with mental fatigue and mental health issues, especially when a lot of these issues cloud judgment and mindful direction. Meditation was always my way of coping with similar issues, especially on my entrepreneurial journey, so it made sense to let people into my not-so-secret, secret.

I grew up meditating and I firmly believe that it’s meditation which has enabled me to lead the happy and healthy life I live today. It’s meditation which has kept me dedicated to my entrepreneurial path, and kept me clear from forming an addiction and reliance to any energy stimulant such as coffee. Meditation has also saved me from relying on 'identity-suppressants' like prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety medications. I also believe its meditation I must thank for innovative thinking and strengthening the confidence within me to express myself openly and be more creative.

After a few years of life coaching, it became apparent to me that more people need to learn how to meditate first, especially before developing a life plan and constructing a path forward. Anything we set our minds to in life requires dedication, and in order to commit fully to any path in life, we must learn to develop control over mind and emotion in a health way. Because I can assure you, the journey into fulfillment is not always a smooth sail, and having a practice like meditation to combat self-doubt, insecurity and tension will help.

When I introduced meditation to clients and taught them simple techniques to help improve their cognitive ability: creative thinking, stress management, memory and recall, focus and concentration, and so on, the results were phenomenal. Clients who successfully implemented a daily meditation practice progressed towards their goals more quickly, and often exceeded the results they wanted! Furthermore, their life coaching sessions were more productive; I found clients venting less and developing ideas and strategies more! It was incredible!

So that’s why I decided to launch Infinite life, cannabis friendly meditation coaching (420-Meditation), to encourage more people from all walks of life, to meditate. Though the practice is cannabis-friendly, it’s not mandatory for meditation. I figured what better way to to get the value of meditation en vogue, than to align it with cannabis. Cannabis is a great meditation aid and complements meditation like a guide of sorts. I've personally meditated on cannabis for the last few years, and developed a process which enables us to achieve a mindful and more meaningful high.

I’ll talk more about the cannabis side of things in another post, but for now, sign up for the FREE online course and start learning how to meditate! Remember, if you can breathe, you're able to meditate, it's that easy!

Want personal meditation instruction, combined with life coaching guidance? Bring the meditation retreat to your home, company or a local retreat space for hire!

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