Cannabis Friendly Meditation Coaching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you smoke when you teach?

Rarely, sometimes during a personal or group 420 Meditation session I’ll have a toke or two, only if the client is an experienced cannabis user. Generally, I don’t smoke when I teach because of the wealth of information to deliver!

How does 420 Meditation work?

We first go through the educational part of the program, so first I teach you how to meditate. Then we’ll have a short break to smoke/vape/consume and move onto the cannabis meditation, whereby you’ll practice the techniques you’ve just learned. If using edibles, they are to be consumed before class, so they kick in just as you’re ready to meditate!

How long is the class?

The class can run from 1- 2 hours as I try not to cut individual meditations short. The education portion can be condensed to a 30-45 min session, but I prefer to deliver the content over an hour, then move into the meditation.

Is it safe?

I don’t know of a safer way to explore/experience cannabis. Also, I ensure you’re equipped with tools to help you manage those fears and anxieties, which sometimes can occur during an altered state of consciousness. You're in safe hands.

Do you supply the cannabis?

No, all students and clients are required to supply their own cannabis within legal parameters. You can find more information about what cannabis strains are good for meditation on our resources page, or through our social media channels.

I've never tried cannabis before, can I still try 420 Meditation?

Absolutely! Just let me know first so I can support you if needed! However, cannabis is optional in my practice and isn’t mandatory for the practice.

So, how does cannabis help you meditate?

Think if cannabis as a meditation guide or aid. Cannabis opens the mind like a lotus flower and provides you the opportunity to explore the mind within. It's almost if cannabis were designed for meditation! Also, most of my clients find that they integrate sober, meaning they’re high when they go in, and awaken from their meditation with a clear head. Cannabis also encourages you to explore the truth within and with my techniques, you’ll learn to explore that truth confidently and without fear.

How old do you have to be to try 420 Meditation?

With the use of cannabis, 19+ here in Canada, 21+ in the USA. However, I teach meditation sans-cannabis to all ages!

What cannabis strains are good for meditation?                       

So many! Check out my resources page for my personal recommendations. However, as cannabis and meditation are subjective experiences, you should work to find which strains work best for you. (Best homework ever!)

What’s your credentials?

How about a lifetime of meditation practice? I grew up meditating, I was taught by my mother and have been teaching meditation throughout my career as a personal development expert and life coach based in Vancouver B.C. It was my clients and peers alike who encouraged me to develop this practice. In my world meditation is just as normal, and just as important, as sleep. It’s a part of life.

Do you teach Yoga?

I don’t teach yoga traditionally, no, however meditation is yoga and yoga is meditation. I simply focus on meditation instruction only.

Where do you teach?

I come to you or you can attend one of my local classes! Alternatively, some clients like to book out their personal yoga studio for a session. However, keep in mind that not all studios are cannabis compliant.

How much do you charge?

Rates for personal coaching start from 150 CAD, group coaching starts from 250 CAD. Rates are subject to change so please contact for updates and availability.

I want to try 420 Meditation, but I can’t afford it! How can I learn?

Learn how to meditate online for FREE! With our online meditation mastery course which covers the program in detail. Alternatively, rally up your community for a donation-based class at your local community center or fitness facility. Contact for more info.

I’ve never meditated before, is your class beginner friendly?

Of course! I believe that if you can breathe, then you can definately meditate!

I’m an advanced meditator, will I get value from this class?

Absolutely! You’ll learn how to strengthen your practice, for what I teach isn’t necessarily a type of meditation, the lesson is synonymous with all types of meditation: mindful, transcendental, Vipassana and so on. A client even incorporated some of the teachings in her walking meditation!

What are the benefits of meditation?

So many! Improving memory and recall, increase focus and attention, maintain clarity and confidence, strengthen self-belief and increase self-awareness. Develop tolerance and patience, empathy and understanding towards others, calmness and control, freedom and liberation… and loads more!

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact-us:

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