Enlighten Your Event with A Keynote Address on Meditation

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I call my meditation program an “education on meditation”, because not only do I teach individuals how to meditate, I help them understand how to navigate the experience into transcendence. Since speaking on meditation, I’ve developed the following keynote addresses designed to engage, enlighten and inform any audience:

Independent Mental Health Management through Meditation:

keynote speaker on meditation

Sometimes, all it takes is for you to close your eyes and consciously breathe, to regain control. In this keynote talk, I share a technique designed to help individuals meditate and reset their emotional state and realize consciousness.

  • How your emotional state shapes your experience of reality (Maya).

  • What is consciousness: an attempt at decoding consciousness and the conscious experience.

    • We explore the role of desire: Attachment Vs. Detachment

  • The logic behind manifestation.

  • How to reset your emotional state through meditation.

This talk often ends with a guided meditation to help understand and digest the heavy topics introduced.

Understanding the Realms of Consciousness:


In this address, I dissect the ancient psychology of the Om symbol and explore the 3 key realms of consciousness that help us navigate through our experience of life. These are:

  • The Present Realm: the awakened state, where we experience life through our 5 physical senses and strengthen perception.

  • The Memory Realm: The unconscious (deep sleep) or death state, where we experience life through memory and strengthen understanding from stored knowledge.

  • The Dream Realm: The space between the awakened and the unconscious state, where memory and experience meet to aid development (evolution).

Then of course the talk moves on to the notion of reality (Maya) and the layers of awareness and the transcendental experience, or enlightenment; the absolute state of consciousness.

The Role of Medicated Meditation in Personal development:

Meditation and personal development

Throughout antiquity spirit plant medicines have aided spiritual development, in this talk I address my cannabis-friendly meditation program (420 Meditation), and the role of psychoactive hallucinogens in meditation.


  • Decoding hallucinations, the physical experience of the dream realm and the truth.

  • A reason why we’re looking to spiritual experiences to help us navigate through life, a look into human behavior.

  • How to experience transcendence through medicated meditation, with meditation instruction and fear/harm reduction techniques.

  • How meditation, medicated or otherwise, strengthens intelligence and helps us evolve.

This talk focuses more on settling a lot of the curiosities around medicated meditation and teaching a technique designed to reduce fear, anxiety and better manage the “come down” from some psychedelic experiences.

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