Why I Started Teaching Medicated Meditation.


Although I do still take on life coaching clients, I have significantly reduced the number of clients I work with. This is firstly because of exhaustion, there really isn’t a manual for how to become a successful and happy life coach, and if there is, I’m certain it’s not an honest portrayal of the journey. I found myself overwhelmed, overworked and dealing with an unmanageable amount of pressure to succeed.

There is no way to manage the number of clients I had, sustain the marketing efforts to grow professionally and still find time to develop personally.

Secondly, when I found an increasing number of clients only coming to their sessions to simply vent, it meant there was less time to focus on productivity and development with regards to their life plan. Which meant extra out of office hours to ensure each client finished their 8-week program, with a healthy and mindful direction forward.

The thing that keeps me sane and has kept me sane throughout my life, has been meditation. It allows me to independently manage my mental health and reset my emotional state. It helps me to effectively evaluate and reflect on my life, and confidently explore my ideas and innovate. So when I feel I don’t have the time nor energy to meditate, I change my business strategy. I suppose I could say that this is my business strategy.

I figured that if I started teaching meditation I would have more opportunities in my day to meditate, even during social media engagement! Furthermore, I knew that if my life coaching clients implemented a meditation practice in their lives, they’d gain a lot more benefit from their coaching sessions. Which indeed turned out to be the case.

Clients who successfully meditated before their sessions or generally implemented a meditation practice in their day-to-day lives, were more productive in their sessions and more invested in their personal development program. My clients would spend more time researching and strategizing during coaching sessions, and less time processing futile details about day-to-day life. Which in turn, made life coaching in Vancouver and internationally online, fun and exhilarating for me again.

Furthermore, clients felt empowered and encouraged to support me and share their ideas on how to grow my own aspirations! Which was incredible, because this is why I got into coaching in the first place. If more people are living fulfilling lives, then naturally their going to want to encourage others to live more fulfilled too, thus making the world a more enjoyable place to be in, for everyone!

Why 420 Meditation?

420 Meditation

I started to introduce cannabis to my personal practice about two years ago, because I found it helped navigate the tuning in process, and enabled me to enter a meditative state quickly and easily. Weed opens up the mind and allows you to be vulnerable, and when your guards are down, you’re more likely to venture into your mind successfully, and explore your inner life experiences objectively.

It’s probably why people sometimes feel panicked or anxious when high, because you feel exposed when your guards want to go down, and it’s not something everyone is comfortable with or used to. A state, by the way, that can be easily managed and overcome in meditation.

When Trudeau announced cannabis legalization across Canada, I figured medicated meditation or 420 Meditation, would be a great tool to combat the stigma surrounding marijuana, and encourage more people to meditate.

Plus the marketing really does write itself! Nevertheless, I wanted to ensure that if my young nephew decides to experiment with cannabis when he’s older, I hope it was motivated by the intention to meditate high, as opposed to getting high for the fun of it, or because of peer pressure. I want him to be equipped with tools to manage his own life and mind, and because cannabis is not mandatory to practice my meditation program, I’m able to teach him my meditation tools at a very early age.

This was also one of the motivations behind the free online course, parents, teach your children how to meditate! Heck, you may as well enjoy a 420 meditation or two in the process, and learn to better manage your own lives and minds.

Since launching, 420 Meditation has had an astonishing knock-on-effect: I discovered that more senior individuals who are dealing with chronic pain, but are too afraid to try cannabis  -because of their exposure to the propaganda upholding prohibition- were open to exploring 420 Meditation. This was an unexpected but delightful result!

Now I want to continue my mission and bring the “education of meditation” to schools of all stages, to workplaces and to teach as many communities as I can, on how to mediate. So I’ve decided to make myself more available for hire!

I’m incredibly grateful for the success I’ve found as a life coach, but it took a lot of work to be here, so I’m thankful to be in a position to be able to take a break. So now that I only coach online, and only work with 3 clients a month on a full life coaching program, I’m able to dedicate more time to developing my aspirations further.

I want to use this opportunity to help evolve the human experience on a much greater scale, because I really do think we’re in the midst of a significant technological paradigm shift. Which is transforming how we work and live, and how we generally operate our lives. Therefore, I believe meditation will be a requirement, in order to facilitate a smooth and healthy transition, and feel prepared for the future by harnessing personal control in the present.

I’m also launching 420 Marketing services to help cannabis-related companies develop a more sustainable brand image, and help local cannabis dispensaries connect with their local communities. The medicinal benefits of cannabis and the sustainable benefits of hemp, means that we must take every opportunity to educate and inform and break the stigmas that are out there, for our futures sake and the future of our planet.

So that’s why I began teaching medicated (420) meditation.

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