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*Membership is available upon completion of key meditation classes.


The Chakra Cleanser (60 mins.) - COMING SOON

Understand your body from root to crown and learn how to turn your life around working one Chakra at a time. Spiritual development meets personal development as we use a series guided meditations to help you deconstruct the subtle body (the inner-self). The class is approximately an hour long and ends with an optional group Tarot reading.


Tantra is about the enlightening experience of life, “post-enlightenment”. It’s about sustaining your self-awareness and connection to Samadhi (infinity/union with the divine) during the waking state.

Tantra: The Enlightening Experience.

Be ready to push through your demons and accept who you are as you learn how to strum your Chakras and dance with your shadow in this exclusive Tantra class. The class acts as a physical lesson in meditation and doubles as an integration workshop, post-transcendental experience. This attention demanding class is also cannabis-friendly and is channeled in duration. Expect to have your identity tested**, as you (re)discover your existence with Tantra.

**This class is not for anyone who is easily offended.

Tantra: The Ceremony. - COMING SOON

Dance with your demons and then purify them and regain control of your life and integrity in this ceremonial session. The class is performed around a sacred fire and is only available for private retreat bookings due to the elemental and deeply personal nature of the the ceremony.


An Evening with Tarot.

Good food, good wine and good company is usually all it takes to restore mental clarity and feel great about life. This casual event includes coaching and personal tarot readings with Terry, centered around an open discussion on all areas of life, such as: work, relationships and mental and physical-health.


Parent/Child Meditation (Half-Day) - COMING SOON

Parents, accompany your children to class and learn how to access your “SUPERPOWERS!” together! In this engaging kid friendly program, children will work with the elements, do arts and crafts, story tell with Tarot and charge their ‘amulets’ as fun ways to learn how to meditate and understand how their minds operate. Parental participation required; children will meditate if they see their parents do it.

Things to bring:

  • Packed lunch for both parent and child or potluck.

  • A personal gem or charm.


In development.