What Is Meditation?

  • Meditation is a mindful practice designed to raise self-awareness.

  • Meditate to develop the clarity, direction and the focus you need, to discover, maintain and fulfill your way of life.

The Benefits of Meditation

  • Good for both physical and mental health…

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, fear, paranoia…

  • Improves cognitive ability, such as: focus, memory and recall…

  • Increases emotional intelligence…

  • Restores energy levels and helps combat fatigue, irritability and frustration…

  • Raises intuition and self-trust…

  • Improves behavior and helps manage addictive behavior…

  • Encourages you to be happy and to live blissfully…

  • Inspires the confidence to be honest and live true to who you are…

Discover Meditation


Derived from teachings handed down through generations, Terry Sidhu invites you to discover his homegrown meditation practice, Infinite Life.

Designed to help you independently manage your mental health and restore mental clarity, the program not only teaches you how to effectively meditate, but guides you through ‘The Transcendental Journey’ so that you can measure development of your practice and gauge self-awareness.

Synonymous with many different types of meditation, Terry refers to his program as “the education of meditation,” providing you with the framework to develop your own meditation practice.

Learn How to Meditate






How to Meditate (Beginners Quick-Guide)

  1. Get into a comfortable meditation posture.

  2. Close your eyes.

  3. Focus all your attention on breathing only.

  4. Open your eyes whenever you feel ready to.

10-Minute Guided Meditation

Meet Your Teacher

"My mum taught me something I should’ve learned in school, she taught me how to meditate."


- Terry Sidhu, Infinite Life Meditation


About Terry

In England, as a second generation Indian growing up in a working class environment, Terry used to find it quite difficult defining his identity and path in life.

His mother, Iqbal Kaur, a self taught Yogi, introduced Terry to the value of Yoga and Meditation, as a way to combat mental health issues and challenge any ideology he felt restricted by.

“Throughout my life I’ve always been made to feel like I don’t fit in and it wreaked havoc on my self-esteem. Meditation never started out as a ‘spiritual practice’ for me, it was always a safe space for me to enter and explore my identity and focus on what made me happy. When I finally felt connected to myself, I knew how to make my life a worthwhile experience and that’s when I truly discovered, the power of meditation.” - Terry Sidhu

Infinite Life started out as a passion project, as a way to teach meditation to his peers and life coaching clients. As demand for instruction increased, Terry developed Infinite Life into a company dedicated to bring meditation to the masses.

You can learn how to meditate with Terry’s FREE online meditation course!


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