What Is Meditation?

  • Meditation is a mindful practice designed to raise self-awareness.

  • Meditate to develop the clarity, direction and focus required to discover, sustain and fulfill your way of life.

The Benefits of Meditation

  • Good for both physical and mental health…

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, depression, fear, paranoia…

  • Improves cognitive ability, such as: focus, memory and recall…

  • Increases emotional intelligence…

  • Restores energy levels and helps combat fatigue, irritability and frustration…

  • Raises intuition and self-trust…

  • Improves behavior and helps manage addictive behavior…

  • Encourages you to be happy and to live blissfully…

  • Inspires the confidence to be honest and live true to who you are…


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Throughout antiquity the lotus has been a symbolic representation of conscious balance. The flower is rooted in the mud and blossoms above the water toward the sun.

It's a symbol of having risen from darkness and into the light to attain presence and to just, be. The lotus cannot be all that it can be, nor appreciated for the radiant beauty that it is, if it loses its connection to either the darkness or the light. It must honor them both equally as a source of nourishment and energy to be realized.

Just like the lotus, the key to a happy and healthy life is to maintain conscious balance. Therefore, we must learn to ground ourselves in the darkness of despair, so that we can guide ourselves towards the light of bliss.

Without grounding, we live ignorantly in bliss.

Without guidance, we live enslaved by despair.




Before You Begin:

Free Online Meditation Course:

Do Yoga:

Practice Tuning-In:

  • Try Different Breathing Exercises

  • Box Breathing

  • Listen to music that you connect with.

Develop Your Ability:

Dive in Deeper

  • Don’t try to silence your thoughts.

  • Allow yourself to interact with your inner thoughts and reflections.

  • When you’re ready or remember to detach, return to breathing.

  • Let instinct take over posture.

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