Youth Meditation Programs


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Meditation for kids

Meditation for Kids(6-9+)

Engage your child’s imagination as they discover the value of meditation through creativity and play!

Self-Awareness and Superpowers!

  • Harness the power of creation and manifestation with ‘Om’ chanting and arts and crafts!

  • Find a “magic stone” and learn how to grow your powers with meditation.

  • Discover meditation techniques with the elements: earth, water, wind and fire!

Youth-Group Workshop (9-12+)

Encourage the confidence to self-express and learn how to meditate with movement and magic!

Confidence and Cultural Awareness.

  • Learn about an ancient Indian psychology through music and dance!

  • Charge personal charms and amulets for self-confidence and protection.

  • Discover meditation techniques through youth-friendly guided meditations.

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Teen Meditation.png

Teen-Group Workshop (12-15+)

Liberate energy and expand conscious awareness with meditation and an introduction to inner-spirituality.

Independence and Mental Health.

  • Deconstruct reality and understand how to attain conscious clarity, with a lesson on the Sacred Om.

  • Understand how to keep the mind healthy with meditation and awareness techniques.

  • Recognize mental health, addiction and personal safety with shadow dancing and the tantra’s.